Marck Corcino


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–      David Schars Bakery & Café, Executive Chef- 2012-Present

–      Xino Dim Sum Lounge &  Restaurant, Executive Sous Chef- 7/2011-11/2011

–      Paul Martin’s American Bistro, Executive Chef- 2008-2011

–      Art Institute, Culinary- Graduated 2002


–      Marck Corcino says that he has loved cooking ever since he was in his mom’s belly.  He was born in Hawaii and food has been extremely important to his family culture.

–      The men in the family would actually hunt, kill, and cook all of their proteins including wild boars.  He knew he wanted to go into culinary school even at a young age.

–      He told himself that he was going to be a great chef one day, and promised his family he would be on TV showing the world just that.

–      Now that he is an Executive Chef, he loves the control and variety he can offer his customers.

–      He doesn’t tolerate lazy workers in his kitchen.  He gains respect by his employees by doing the job of others but 10 times better.

–      He recently completed the Chicago Marathon and thinks if he can do that, he can do anything!