Mary Poehnett


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–       Eataly Market – Butcher 2011 – Present

–       L’ecole (French Culinary Institute) – Poissonier 2011

–       Café 59 – Head Cook 2006 – 2010

–       French Culinary Institute 2011


–       Mary is an unassumming girl with an annoying soft voice.

–       Loves breaking down a whole lamb, cow or pig

–       Believes her strength and advantage in Hell’s Kitchen will be her  expert ability to quickly identify cuts of meat

–       She blogs about cooking

–       Makes her own jams and pickles food.  Comes off as the meek innocent church girl,  but becomes a a beast on the line

–       Her fuse lasts a long time, but push her long enough and she won’t have a problem telling you to fuck off

–       Wants to win the competition so she can open her own B&B with a restaurant and vineyard