Matt Wool


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–       Capital Grille- Sous Chef 2009-Present

–       Neo Hospitality- Executive Chef 2007-2008

–       Bondi Road- Executive Chef 2006-2007

–       French Culinary Institute- Graduated 2005


–       Classically trained pianist and played at Carnegie Hall as a child.

–       Adrenaline junkie and beats to his own drum.

–       Originally went to school to be a stockbroker and was laid off after September 11.

–       Went to work in the kitchen as a means for money and was able to start on the line because of his passion and self-taught skills.

–       Realized the kitchen was where he needed to be and kept working his way up on the line.

–       Acts like the devil with his crew when in charge.

–       Very passive aggressive and when he gets mad, he hides in the bathroom to cool off.

–       Punched a guy during work because he reminded him of his asshole culinary teacher.

–       Always in control of his kitchen and gets people to do what he wants when he wants.