Matthew Hartigan


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–       Hartigan’s Grille – Chef / Owner 2011 – Present

–       Private Event Catering – 2011 – Present

–       Fereno’s Catering – Chef 2010 – 2011


–       Has only worked at one restaurant in his life, which he bought last year

–       Run the line and created the menu by watching chefs on TV and the internet.

–       Although he’s never seen or worked in a commercial kitchen, Matt can sauté, grill, filet a fish, and cook an omelet

–       Believes he was born with the gift of cooking

–       Is argumentative, has a short fuse and is a huge sore loser

–       He will throw the table in the air if he loses a board game

–       Is opinionated and will convince someone that he’s right even when he isn’t

–       Attained the nickname ‘menstrual’ in college because he acts like a woman on her period when he doesn’t get his way

–       Will throw a customer out of the restaurant if he does not agree with them

–       Prefers to be in the back of the house and talk to his food instead of customers or waiters