Matthew Jozwiak


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–       Schwa, Lula, Jerr’s and Lokal, – Temp Line Cook, Present

–       Store Front Company – Tournant 2011-2012

–       Noma – Stage 2011-2011

–       Pierre Orsi – Cook 2010-2011

–       The Capital Grill – Cook 2009-2011

–       Balzac Wine Bar – Cook 2009

–       Quince – Line Cook 2008-2009

–       Krause Dining – Line Cook 2007-2008


–       Studied Gastronomicom in Adge, France.

–       Was a Stage at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was the best restaurant in the world in 2010 & 2011.

–       Doesn’t believe that cooking is an art, to him it is a job that pays bills and needs to be done perfectly.

–       Feels that there is a two degree difference between good food and excellent food.

–       While training in France a chef made him run 8 miles before a shift in order to teach him that the body isn’t weak only the mind is.

–       Uses Gordon Ramsay’s book as a level, he hasn’t read it once and feels that Gordon is over rated.

–       Wants to work his way to a point he can retire early and teaching cooking.

–       Currently designing a menu for a new Gastro Pub in Chicago.

–       Known as “a fixer,” different high end restaurants will bring him in to problem solve issues they are having with their kitchens.

–       Has a huge chip on his shoulder towards celebrity chefs.