Matthew Williams


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–       Mon Ami Gabi at Paris Hotel, Master Line Cook, 2012-Present

–       Koi Restaurant, Master Line Cook, 2010-present

–       Loews Hotel and Resort, Master Line Cook, 2010

–       Le Cordon Bleu, Graduated 2010


–       Originally from Detroit, Matthew moved from Las Vegas to provide a better life for himself and his family who are still in Detroit.

–       Matthew considers himself a team player, but if you get in the way, he will “put my foot in your butt!”

–       The first things that people notice about Matthew are his long curly eyelashes, and his 6’2” stature.

–       Matthew is used to hard work and currently works 2 jobs to support himself and his family.

–       Besides Chef Ramsay, the chef who has inspired Matthew the most is Chef Mark Taylor, a chef from Detroit who encouraged Matthew to attend culinary school and to pursue a career as a chef.

–       For Matthew, criticism means nothing to him: “Haters go in one ear, and out the other!”

–       Matthew’s pet peeve is working with lazy people, because he has crazy energy on the line.

–       Making it on Hell’s Kitchen would be one more step in the right direction for Matthew to better his family’s life in Detroit.