Maxime Kien


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–       Hyatt Regency New Orleans – Executive Sous Chef 2011-Present

–       Venetian Hotel Las Vegas – Chef de Cuisine 2007-2011

–       Paris Hotel Las Vegas – Chef de Cuisine 2006-2007

–       Intercontinental Hotel – Chef de Cuisine 2004-2006

–       Lycee Professional Paul Valery – BA Culinary Arts 1988-1992


–       Maxime went to culinary high school in France and received 3 different culinary degrees.  For the course of those degrees he had to stage and train in the most famous hotels and resorts on the French Riviera and learn from the best Chefs in the world

–       He’s been a Chef at some of the top restaurants in France, England and America

–       He’s a stubborn, arrogant and thick skinned Frenchman who has no problem getting in your face if you screw up on the line

–       Maxime’s dad was also a Chef.  His dad’s skills amazed him and he knew as a little boy he was going to be a great Chef.  His dad died in a motorcycle accident when he just 6 years old and this pushed Maxime to follow in his footsteps

–       He has tattoos commemorating his father and sons

–       He’s fluent in English, French and some notions in Spanish

–       This Frenchman knows he can cook and he wants to show America how the French can do it.  Maxime knows he will be the next winner of Hell’s Kitchen!