Megan Dunn


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–      Royal Sonesta Hotel – Banquet Chef 2009- present

–      FLIK Invitational – Sous Chef 2007-2009

–      Pepper’s Fine Catering –  Assistant Production Manager 2003-2007

–      Johnson & Wales – Graduated 2007


–      Megan is a procrastinator.  While most chefs love to prep their kitchens in advance, Megan purposely doesn’t start prep until sometimes 20 minutes before opening.  “I take pride in seeing people enjoy something I made in 20 minutes.”

–      As a female chef, Megan describes her strategy as “manipulation.”  According to Megan, she has to make men in the kitchen believe they are having their own ideas when they are actually doing exactly what she wanted the entire time.  “Just like dating.”  Megan would absolutely use her manipulation tactics to her advantage in competition.

–      Megan tries to be tough in the kitchen, but if she cuts herself, watch out—the sight of blood makes her nauseous.  The first time she ever sliced her finger, she went to the bathroom, passed out, and hit her head on the sink on the way down.

–      She will be a beast and a cry baby.