Meghan Farley


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–      Holiday Inn – Banquet/Line Cook 2007-present

–      Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2010

–      Goodfella – Server 2002-2004

–      Panera Bread – Baker, 2000-2002


–      Meghan got a late start on her culinary career due to starting a family at age 17.  By 21, she was raising 2 children as a single mother because their father committed suicide 9 days after their second child’s birth.

–      Meghan has eccentric style in both clothing and music—she plays the didgeridoo, and her favorite band is Tool.  She wears colorful outfits laden with feathers and inspired by Native American culture.

–      Meghan is a vegan, but she would make the ultimate sacrifice and eat meat in order to win Hell’s Kitchen.

–      Meghan is used to being the only woman in the kitchen and considers herself the mother and mediator.  She isn’t afraid to have her voice heard and to stand her ground, but don’t give her any breaks just because she’s pretty; she hates being given things based on her looks.

–      Nothing has broken down this fighter yet, and she is ready to face the ultimate battle in Hell’s Kitchen.