Melanie Finch


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–       The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey –  Line Cook 2011 – Present

–       TGI Friday’s – Line Cook 2011

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2011


–       Started cooking when she was 15

–       Her dad was a chef and inspired her to cook

–       Motivated to succeed so she can give back to her mom, who struggled to raise her after her parents divorced

–       People underestimate her because she’s short, young, and a girl

–       Loves when people misjudge her because she always proves them wrong

–       Works the best under pressure and gets a rush from seeing a flood of food orders

–       Tries to avoid conflict

–       If you cross her, you better get out of her way

–       Tends to take on a leadership role

–       Very competitive (often with herself), which makes her improve on her work

–       Dream job is to be the Executive Chef of her own restaurant and mentor young chefs

–       Good look, direct, strong