Melissa Van Scyoc


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–       Caliente Mexicana – Co-Owner/Operator 2012-Present

–       Marriott Penn Square Grille – Saute Cook 2010-Present

–       Tom Culton – Personal Chef 2011-2012

–       Olmstead Family – Nanny / Personal Chef 2010-2011


–       Melissa is a cynical gal who has no formal training beyond learning on the job and now owns a Mexican food stand.

–       She was born in Korea, adopted by a blue collar white family who taught her nothing she knows about food.

–       She’s worked in all areas of the culinary world from upscale fine dining, as a personal chef, sautéing, and grilling.

–       She’s been called Lucifer and gets into altercations with men in the kitchen because she’s real and raw and she has even made servers cry. Melissa doesn’t like people in general, especially weak, passive aggressive men on the line.

–       She knows she can deal with Gordon because one of the first kitchens she worked in the manager was an asshole who made her life a living hell.

–       She has auditioned for Hell’s Kitchen before but the stakes are higher because she now owns a business and needs the exposure and money. She’s dead serious about cooking, has the food tattoos to prove it, and is ready to cook the ‘mongoloids’ on the show under the table.