Michael Aresta


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–       Shoprite – Instructor / Chef 2008 – Present

–       Park East – Sous Chef 2009 – 2010

–       The Brick Pit – Sous Chef 2008 – 2009

–       Trinity – Sous Chef 2007 -2008

–       New York Restaurant School  – Graduated 2002


–       Michael started working in the restaurant industry at age 12 and has worked his way up to Chef

–       Growing up, Michael was naturally athletic and thought he was going to be a pro baseball player. When that did not happen, he joined the National Guard, putting his life on the line as an infantryman for 4 years. If he can handle that, he can handle the pressure in Hell’s Kitchen

–       Nickname in the military was “Fat and Nasty”

–       People think Mike is a prick and that he does not care about hurting anyone’s feelings

–       As an instructor for Shoprite, Mike is always working in different locations and conditions…some conventional, some not

–       Considers himself a culinary artist who can handle any station with his agility and finesse in the kitchen

–       Very passionate about cooking

–       His biggest influences are his mom and Gordon Ramsay