Michael Butler


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–       Averde Restaurant- Line Cook  2012-Present

–       David Burke Fromagerie- Sous Chef 2011-2012

–       Perry St. Restaurant- Garde Manger 2008-2010

–       The Modern NYC- GM 2006-2008

–       Institute of Culinary Arts- Graduated 2004


–       Grew up in a single-parent home with his dad and often had to cook for himself

–       Nothing turns him on more than food.

–       Prides himself on being from the real Jersey Shore but is definitely not the guido type

–       Before culinary school he traveled so he could “power eat”, which included eating thousand-dollar lunches until he was sick.

–       Dream is to one day get a Michelin star

–       Never stops in the kitchen and can certainly handle high volume

–       He is an extreme perfectionist and a food nerd.

–       Owns over 1,000 spoons and 100 alphabetized cookbooks

–       Says people don’t take him serious sometimes because of his goofy personality

–       Former fattie

–       Michael is obsessed with cooking and being a cook.