Michael DeMarco


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–       Elmhurst Country Club – Sous Chef 2007-Present

–       Figo Pasta – General Manager 2006-2007

–       Pacific Kitchen – Executive Chef 2006

–       Aspens Signature Steaks – Executive Sous Chef 2004-2006

–       Johnson & Wales University –2003 (one class from graduating)


–       Michael is a high energy, shit-talking Chef who was accepted into Johnson and Wales his junior year of in high school and could be a younger version of Gordon Ramsay.

–       Michael is a food nerd and is obsessed with cooking. It is his best friend and the only thing he is truly confident with.

–       Michael has a tattoo of Unami – which is the flavor palate.

–       He does not have a lot of friends and people often think of him as the underdog even though he is confident in a nerdy way.

–       Michael said he has improved since last year’s audition like a fine wine  – he gets better every year. him his sous chef.

–       People call him an asshole all the time and his mouth is constantly getting him into trouble, especially in his current position at a conservative Country Club where they don’t like that he’s fiery.

–       The other contestants will find him irritating because he talks too much, mostly about himself, but doesn’t consider himself to be cocky because when you’re the best it isn’t arrogance.