Michael Israel


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–       M.O. Eggrolls, Owner- 2011-Present

–       Syco Food Services, Marketing Associate- 2008-2011

–       The Wine Merchant, Chef- 2008

–       Per Se, Culinary Liason- 2006-2008

–       Culinary Institute of America- Graduated 2005


–       Egg rolls are his comfort food.

–       His famous egg rolls have been in his family since he was little.

–       He used to help his mom cook when he was young which sparked his interest in cooking.

–       His wife works by his side in the food truck business.

–       His weakness is speed.

–       He is also a perfectionist and will spend a lot of time on one particular item.

–       He is the strong silent type.

–       Michael leads by example.

–       He is 100% fluent in spanish.

–       Has achieved his private pilots license.

–       He prides himself with his skilled techniques and craftsmanship with food

–       His biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is arrogance.

–       Winning is a big priority but doing the right thing means more than winning.

–       His dream job would be to see the his business, “M.O. Eggrolls” go nationwide.