Michael Langdon


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–     Huntsville Golf Club – Executive Chef 2012-Present

–     Westmoreland Club – Executive Sous Chef 2010-2012

–     Glenmaura National Golf Club – Sous Chef 2008-2010

–     Brasserie Perrier – Sous Chef / Chef de Parti 2005-2008


–      Michael’s first food memory is watching his grandfather cook. He didn’t know then that he wanted to be a chef but he did gain a respect for food. When it was time to go to school Michael opted to study criminal justice. However, half way through the semester he realized that it wasn’t his forte and decided to enroll in culinary school.

–      Michael has an extremely strong passion for cooking and being in the kitchen, so much so that he went to work instead of bringing his second son home from the hospital. Michael loves being a father to his two sons, but he also loves being in the kicthen.

–      He does not tolerate anyone’s excuses and believes that it’s a dictatorship in the kitchen, not a democracy. Beyond Michael’s pretty face is an aggressive attitude which he promises only comes out when he’s drinking or in the kitchen.

–      He has always been competitive and he is not just a pretty face. Another passion Michael has is playing the drums. He claims if he wasn’t a chef, he’d be a rockstar.

–      Michael wants to be on Hell’s Kitchen so that he can show the world his skills.  If he’s on the show he’ll prove that his food is “soigne” which translates to perfection.