Michael Termine


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–       On Site Catering Stand—CEO 2007-Present

–       The Pig Pen Bar & BBQ—Owner, 2008-2011

–       Zoo Bar—Owner 2001-2006


–      Mike is a no-nonsense,  self-taught, short-tempered BBQ master.

–      He is a bit of a bearded red-neck, but he has worked in fine dining and has served his famous BBQ to celebrities like Harrison Ford and Elliot Spitzer.

–      Mike has been “in the business” since he was 16, and he has perfected the art of BBQ in that time.

–      If someone tries to test him or question him, “they better come at me with a loaded gun,” because he can get nasty.

–      Mike has opened a BBQ restaurant, but he ended up working 19 hour days, 7 days a week, so he decided to take his BBQ to the streets with an on-site catering stand.

–      Mike is a self-described “hard ass and prick,” and he sees himself a lot in Chef Ramsay.

–      If anyone tries to sabatoge him on Hell’s Kitchen, he’ll “cut their fingers off and throw them in the smoker.”