Michael Virtue


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–       Central Michel Richard – Specialty Cook, 2011-Present

–       Sugar Factory – Pastry Cook/Line Cook, 2011

–       The Sporting House Bar and Grille – Server, 2010-2011

–       Miami Mike’s Sports Zone – Bartender, 2010-2011

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2011


–       Michael Virtue has a hard time living up to his last name.  While he has “some virtues,” he admits that he does “drink, have sex and gamble…I’m probably not pure.”

–       He loves to gamble and often places small bets in the kitchen.  Other times he has gotten so caught up at a table that he’s lost his entire month’s rent.

–       While Michael’s official status is “single,” he admits that he “kinda” has a girlfriend.  The reason he’s not officially committed: she’s in prison.

–       Michael considers his mother’s former boyfriend (of 17 years) his father, and considers the day that he died his most life-changing event.

–       Michael is “supposedly” ADD, but he thinks it helps him get everything done in the kitchen.

–       He is very open about not going to work to make friends.  He has plenty of friends outside of work, but has a “love me or hate me” attitude inside the kitchen.