Mike Amuso


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–      Seersucker – Sous Chef 2010 – Present

–      Palio Ristorante – Garde Manger 2008 – 2010

–      French Culinary Institute 2010


–      He is a spoiled mama’s boy and gets what he wants.

–      After his dream to play professional baseball got crushed due to a shoulder injury, he worked on Wall Street.

–      He knows he can handle Gordon because he handled working on the floor of the stock exchange.

–      Is excited about being on Hell’s Kitchen because he is a big fan of the show and he wants to prove to himself that he can compete against other chefs and win the competition.

–      Wife recently overcame a battle with breast cancer.

–      Michael’s dream is to work with Thomas Keller if he wins Hell’s Kitchen.

–      Michael feels that having common sense is what sets him apart from others.

–      Can handle the pressure of producing large volumes as he does 100 covers every night.

–      Terrified of bugs.

–      Michael is very cocky, spoiled and a bit entitled.