Mike Hauke


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–      Tony Boloney’s LLC – Owner / Chef 2009 – Present

–      Moustache Mobile Food Truck – Owner 2009 – Present 


–       Doesn’t read cookbooks; cooks on instinct

–       He is ruthless, relentless, and completely out of his mind

–       Doesn’t take shit from anybody and is here to win – losing is not an option

–       Specializes in sloppy, obnoxious comfort food

–       Says he has a natural cooking ability and an amazing palate

–       Created the world’s largest pizza-eating contest called the Pizza Slaughter Fest which draws 13,000 people annually

–       Influenced by his two grandmothers – one Jewish and one Italian – who were always in the kitchen cooking when he was growing up

–       Gives back to the community by teaching underprivileged kids how to cook fresh food from start to finish