Milagros Fernandez


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–       Private Chef 2010-Present

–       Ava Montanez – Private Chef 2009

–       Annie’s Edibles – Cook 2009-2010

–       Bread and Roses – Chef Assistant 2009

–       Art Institute – Chef’s Certificate 2009


–       Started cooking when she was 4 with her grandmother who was her biggest inspiration.

–       She is the 11th of 12 kids so they always had huge family dinners.

–       Food evokes all types of emotions and is pleasurable like sex.

–       Has a very strong temper in the kitchen and doesn’t like getting ordered around.

–       If Ramsay yells at her she will tell him to “back the fuck up.”

–       Handling criticism sucks but it’s helps to get better.

–       Has an all female based company that caters to and provides services for adult themed parties such as human sushi rolls and “pin the tail on the hot girl.”

–       Used to be 320 lbs and went to Columbia to get weight loss surgery.

–       At 4 years old, her drug addict mother locked her in their apartment for 2 days and never came back.

–       Her life and rough past is her inspiration to make all of her dreams come true.