Monica Mitchell-Duncan


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–       Shop Rite – Culinary Instructor 2006-Present

–       Brookdale CC, Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts – Graduated 2007


–       Most of Monica’s professional life has been in the administrative field working for the government.

–       However, Monica realized that she wanted to pursue a culinary career after she found her deceased daughter’s journal that talked about how much she loved cooking with her mom.

–       Monica decided to go back to culinary school and graduated at the top of her class.

–       Monica describes herself as a diva: “The kitchen is only big enough for one diva, and that is ME!”

–       Her “diva” ways began when she was a competitive cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins and was able to travel the world.

–       Because she has four children, Monica says she has a long fuse, but when someone rubs her the wrong way, she explodes.

–       Monica insists that her daughter left that journal for her to find, and she is winning Hell’s Kitchen to prove that “Mommy is okay.”