Nakeisha Stewart


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–       Waterworks Restaurant & Lounge – Line Cook 2010-2011

–       Delilah’s Southern Cuisine – Team Leader/Cook 2009

–       Green Valley Country Club – Line Cook, 2007

–       Art Institute of Philadelphia, Culinary Arts–Graduated 2003


–       Cooking is in Nakeisha’s blood: her family ran a BBQ restaurant from her grandfather’s backyard, her mom was a pastry chef, and her dad was a savory chef.

–       Nakeisha “has more balls than a man;” she’s gone into labor twice while on the line and didn’t go to the hospital until her shift was over.

–       Her most life changing moment was when her infant son passed away from SIDS

–       Nakeisha isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and was recently fired for talking back and waving her hand in her boss’ face.

–       She is physically turned on by food, and was rubbing herself during casting while she was describing dishes.

–       Nakeisha was married and has three children, but is currently in a same sex relationship.

–       Nakeisha tells you how she feels when she feels it, because “you need to deal with shit and get it out of the way.”