Natalie Romero


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–      A Place Called Home- Nutrition Specialist 2012-Present

–      Dish Functional- Cook/Manager 2009-2012

–      Self- Private Chef 2011

–      Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2010


–      First memory of food was growing up on a farm, playing with the pigs in the morning, and eating them at night.

–      Very much a foodie, Natalie used to be an advertising executive and was developing an anti-obesity campaign, which inspired her to change careers to food and nutrition.

–      Has scars all over her forearms from a kitchen accident with chicken grease.

–      Was hired because of her scars; showed she was tough and not a quitter.

–      Usually the only female in the kitchen but holds her own.

–      Men in the kitchen at an old job had a bet to see who would sleep with her first; none won.

–      Teaches nutrition classes

–      Changes diets of inner city youth and using her advertising experience for marketing.

–      Starting her own campaign to “get rid of red fingertips” cause by cheesy junk food.

–      Went to France to experience the cuisine.