Ned Jung


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–       Self employed, Private Event Caterer, 2009-Present

–       Chili’s Bar and Grill, Lead Line Cook, 2011-present

–       Ippolito’s Italian Restaurant, Sous Chef/Kitchen Manager, 2010-2011

–       Quik Trip, Assistant Manager, 2003-2009

–       The Culinary Institute of America, Graduated 1995


–       Ned was influenced by his mother and grandmother, he runs a catering company that makes everything from scratch.

–       He loves dissecting and recreating foods he eats, loves to pick peoples’ brains about food, and studies gastronomy

–       When his mom told him she had cancer, she cried for 3 seconds, looked him in the face and said “im gonna beat it”… and she did, TWICE!!

–       After 13 open calls for Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef,  he has never gotten an interview  -“I’m gonna own this and I deserve this because this is who I am!”

–       Lack of communication pisses him off the most in the kitchen – and “Don’t think you’re the shit when you don’t know shit.”

–       Says teaching cooking classes to Suzie Homemakers is “so easy.”

–       Makes an Oreo Chili he says sounds weird but tastes great, and has even made it with venison and veal!

–       It takes a lot to get him mad but laziness and lack of communication can set him off!