Nichole Justice Hylton


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–       LeSun Culinary Consulting Inc – Self Employed Chef Consultant 2010 – Present

–       College of Mt. St. Vincent – Production Chef, 2007-2008

–       Children’s Aid Society – Chef Manager, 2005 – 2007

–       Westchester Community College – Restaurant Management, Graduate 2005


–      Left home at thirteen because she wanted to get married but her mother wouldn’t let her.

–      Even though she left her mothers house, she still attributes her as the biggest influence to get into cooking.

–      When Nichole was a child, her grandmother’s chicken and dumplings were what made her want to get into cooking.

–      When arrested at 15, she realized that’s when her life had to change and she needed to work on her anger.

–      She is already a grandmother and her family is the most important thing in her life.

–      Loves to test herself so much that even thought she didn’t want to do it for a living, she took a test to become a Corrections Officer—just to see how she’d do.

–      She can handle the line because her team used to manage putting 1800 meals up in an hour.

–      She has been through a lot and feels that cooking is what saved her life. She feels like she is able to make a difference.

–      Nichole calls herself the female version of Gordon Ramsay because of her temper, passion and she curses just as much!