Nick Silvestri


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–       Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department – Chef 2006-Present

–       Legal Seafoods – Front of House Manager 1999-2006

–       Dockside Restaurant – Line Cook 1999

–       Johnson & Wales, did not graduate, 2000


–       It is a job requirement that Nick Silvestri be a tough guy.  Every day he goes to work in a Boston prison, and cooks meals for–and with–inmates whose crimes range from gang-related, to robbery, to suspected murder.

–       Ask Nick why he works in a prison rather than a “normal” restaurant, and he’ll tell you that he likes the excitement of working on the line every day with his employees (inmates) “who could literally stab me in the back.”

–       Because of his leadership role in the prison kitchen, Nick would provide a “tough mentor” attitude on Hell’s Kitchen.  He is “the Gordon Ramsay of the prison kitchen.”

–       But Nick isn’t all rough and tumble; he definitely has a soft side to him.  A self described “fragile soul,” he loves his wife, he is a great juggler, a fantastic drummer, and an endearing character for Hell’s Kitchen.