Nicole Rutz


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–       Hot Dog Truck Owner – 2009-Present

–       Erotic Cakes by Nicole – Owner / Chef 2009-Present

–       Skylark on the Hudson – Garde Manger

–       I.C.E. – Graduated 2012


–       Nicole is a hot headed, short tempered, tough DJ with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove to the nay sayers who told her she wouldn’t amount to anything.

–       Nicole started in the business working as a waitress in delis and to get more money she worked on food trucks including Mrs. Softee ice cream truck and a pizza truck.

–       Nicole owns a hot dog truck where she makes classic American foods like cheesesteaks, hot dogs, knishes and burgers. She also runs an erotic cake business where she makes dick and tit shaped cakes.

–       Nicole has worked on the line as sauté, grill, fryer, salad station, desserts, and at her last job the chef wanted her to work under him as roundsman but she quit because she didn’t want to take their shit.

–       Nicole can handle volume because when she worked at Skylark on the Hudson they did 300 covers in a night and she can handle pressure because her mom rides her ass and is worse than Gordon Ramsay.

–       She hates morons who don’t know what they’re doing and won’t ask for help and slow, lazy people piss her off the most.

–       She may be pretty in the face and thin in the waist but Nicole isn’t some prissy chef who shakes her tits to get ahead.