Nicole Shubalis


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–       Le Koko Cuisine – Owner / Personal Chef 2012 – Present

–       Frontier – Saute Chef 2011-2012

–       Sunda New Asian – Garde Manager 2010-2011

–       Capital Fitness – Fitness Professional & Personal Trainer 2004-2009

–       Diplomat West Banquets – Line Cook 2001-2008

–       Le Cordon Bleu-Chicago – Student, 2010-2011


–       Was a gymnast for 12 years and competed all over the country

–       Was shot twice during an altercation broke out behind the last restaurant she worked at, she was shot in the leg and the foot

–       Feels like her looks often times lead to her being underestimated and that they can become a negative in the workplace

–       Was a personal trainer for four years before becoming a Chef

–       Has a very hard time keeping her mouth shut if she doesn’t agree with the way someone is acting

–       Worked in two of the top restaurants in Chicago before starting her own personal chef company

–       A bit of a daredevil, she is up for any challenge if it comes with an adrenaline rush

–       Learn how to cook alongside her grandmother as a child, her grandmother passed away while she was still in culinary school

–       One of three daughters, she is the only one who is not married