Orin Barkley


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–       DelFrisco’s Restaurant Group—Sous Chef 2006-Present

–       Public House Restaurant—Sous Chef Dates TBD

–       Valley Green Inn—Sous Chef Dates TBD

–       Restaurant School of Philadelphia—Culinary Arts Graduated 2000


–       Orin is an Executive Sous Chef at one of the busiest high end steak restaurants in Philadelphia that does a minimum of 350-500 covers a night.

–       Orin has only worked at high-end restaurants and believes that he was born with a refined palate.

–       Everyone Orin works with thinks he is a “prick,” but he doesn’t care because food is his number one priority.

–       Orin is a control freak who dreamed of being President so that he could “run the world.”

–       Orin believes that the kitchen carries the restaruant and not the front of house.

–       If someone “fucks up” their order, Orin makes them pay for it out of their own paycheck.

–       To date, Olin’s biggest accomplishment is being accepted to the American Culinary Federation.  Winning Hell’s Kitchen would top that.