Paul Morales


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– Chart House–Line Cook 2010-Present

– Briggs Ranch Country Club– Line Cook 2010

– Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant-

– Line cook 2009-2011

– Art Institute of San Antonio – Associates Degree 2010-2012


– Extremely quick on his feet for being 6’3 and 350 pounds.

– Loves the Opera!

– Paul’s grandfather owned a meat company, father and uncles were butchers.

– Loves cooking with artisanal charcuterie, takes pride in his ability to create 18 different dishes out of a single hog.

– His goal in life is to be the Mexican Anthony Bourdain

– Loved cooking as a child, cooked his first Thanksgiving dinner at 10

– Divorced father of a 12-year old girl.

– Believes in cooking food to look naturally and have its original taste, he believes most chefs get too caught up in the presentation and not the flavors.

– Extremely knowledgeable about local and national celebrity Chefs.

– Wants to prove that a Latin Chef can be the face of a business, not just the people who work in the back.

– An extremely competitive and outspoken cook while in the kitchen.