Paul Payne


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–       RareCuts – Private Chef 2011-Present

–       Dewayne “The Rock” Johnson – Private Chef 2011-2012

–       Ralph & Kaccos – Trained for Sous Chef Position 2011

–       Louisiana Culinary Institute – Associates, Advanced Culinary Arts 2010-2011

–       Louisiana Technical College – Serve Safe Food Safety and Sanitation Certification 2008-2010


–       Growing up Paul loved watching his grandmother cook in the kitchen.  He was the only grandchild who wanted to cook with her

–       He knew he wanted to be a Chef right after high school.  Three months into culinary school he was asked to become the Private Celebrity Chef to “The Rock”.  He juggled going to school full-time and being the Private Chef to one of our Nation’s most beloved WWE wrestlers/film stars.

–       Paul has been mentored by one of the best celebrity Chef’s – Chef Gaison Nelson, Personal Chef to Reggie Bush.

–       He states his food is so good that he’s actually had women ask him to marry them.

–       Being a big boned fella (6ft, 350 lbs), Paul says he wishes he was a little faster in the kitchen.

–       He, however, can cook with the best of them.

–       Paul is one cool dude and says he doesn’t need to shit talk in the kitchen – his food speaks for itself.  He’s ready to bring it on the next season of Hell’s Kitchen!