Pilar Rosales


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–       RCC Culinary Acadmey 2011 –Present

–       Steve Braslaw – Line Cook 2008 – 2011

–       Oak Grove – Prep Cook 2005 – 2006


–       Pretty, wears glasses

–       Bigger Girl

–       Speaks with a raspy sexy voice

–       Very loud and outspoken, likes to talk over people

–       Takes school very seriously and competitively

–       Learned to cook form Mexican Grandmother

–       Started cooking when she was very little, helping making enchiladas

–       Is a party girl at heart

–       Will do anything to get ahead

–       Spit in a fellow student’s food, and watched her eat it

–       Urinated on a classmate’s textbook so that she would quit cooking school

–       Will do anything to win, including sabotaging other people to make herself look better

–       Has a nasty streak to her and is not afraid to show it

–       Can take Ramsay’s yelling at her – she says it’ll make her work harder

–       Used to work for Steve Braslaw, also applying