Quiana Jeffries


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–       Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog- Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       M’dears Bakery & Bistro- Kitchen Mgr/Head Baker 2006-2011

–       His Sheltering Arms, Inc,- Head Chef 2004-2009

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2005


–       Before any formal training, Quiana grew up in her granny’s kitchen.  Her mom and dad raised her but her granny taught her everything that she knows.  The main thing she’s taken from her is to appreciate the food and to put passion into creating.

–       She went into culinary school with a good deal of food knowledge but her education taught her presentation and knife skills.

–       She likes to run her kitchen in a smooth and laid back way.

–       She brightens up every room and likes to surround herself with positive people.

–       She loves competition but hates to be 2nd.  She will try over and over again until she wins.

–       She is direct with people when it comes to conflict.  She doesn’t like to fight but if she has to tell you something she will.

–       Quiana has personality, charisma, passion, and a drive to be the winner of Hell’s Kitchen!