Rachel Zock


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–      Ozzy Samano – Sous Chef, Currently in Development

–      Flippin’ Out – Sous Chef, 2011

–      The French Laundry – Stagiare 2011

–      Aquarelle – Private Event Chef 2010

–      Texas Culinary Academy  –  Graduated 2009


–      Rachel is an extremely passionate person who can get excited very easily.

–      Although she is very young she has had an accomplished culinary career others can only dream of. Celebrity Chef Ted Allen called her a culinary savant!

–      Was a member of the US National Lacrosse team even though she is only 5 feet tall and competition runs deep in her blood and she’s cutthroat.

–      Fell in love with cooking as a child during Thanksgiving after seeing the happiness that food gave her family members.

–      Although she says she was raised in a dysfunctional family, all of her accomplishments are in their honor and she just wants them to be proud.

–      She has a short fuse for insubordinates and won’t be afraid to speak her mind if they make her mad.

–      Her ultimate dream is to dominate the culinary world.

–      There are 3 things she will not stand for: messing with her family, her friends, or her food!