Randy Mayeux


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–       Sowela Technical Community College – Program Coordinator/Instructor 2010-Present

–       Spahr’s Seafood – Assistant Manager 2010

–       Malt N Burger – Manager 2001-2010

–       Westchester Country Club – Intern 2007

–       John Folse Culinary Institute – Bachelors in Culinary Arts 2003-2007


–       Randy says, “Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass in the kitchen.”

–       He first learned how to cook from his grandmother and he perfected his craft by learning from one of his past bosses who passed away.

–       Randy teaches cooking classes to students and shows them how to cook both savory and sweet.

–       Family is huge for him and treats his sister as if she were his daughter.

–       Being such a sweetheart, Randy gets upset if people talk over him or if they are judgmental.

–       Although he’s super friendly, if you screw up in the kitchen – he will snap!  He’s been known to use to F-bomb in his class with his students.  But of course, he apologized profusely afterwards.

–       Randy feels Chef Instructors aren’t respected in the industry but they actually have the most knowledge.

–       He is a huge fan of musicals and even has tattoos of Wicked.

–       This kid’s ready to bring it. He’s bringing the flavor to liven up Hell’s Kitchen!