Randy Montoya


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–       Sadie – Chef 2012-Present

–       Walt Garrisons – Chef di Cuisine 2010-2011

–       Tracht’s – Chef de Cuisine 2009-2010

–       Santa Luz Country Club – Executive Sous Chef 2007-2009


–       Randy Montoya has been a chef for over half of his life. He is currently running the kitchen at the brand new Hollywood restaurant, “Sadie.”

–       Growing up his mom was a server, so when Randy was only 14 he got a job at her restaurant prepping food.  He was so eager to learn that he quickly moved onto the line and was running his own kitchen by the time he was 19.

–       His dad passed away when he was young and he uses his dads passing as an example to embrace life to it’s fullest.

–       When Randy is in the kitchen, he’s no longer randy, he’s “Chef”.  He hates lazy cooks and busts his butt to put out the best quality dishes.  If you’re slacking on his line, he’ll ask you to leave.

–       Randy isn’t afraid of Chef Ramsay.

–       Randy loves simple dishes.  Years ago he maxed out his credit card and traveled to Europe for inspiration.  The love of his life is his 17-year-old daughter and wants to win Hell’s Kitchen for her just as much for himself.