Ray Alongi


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–       The Red Rose Café – Executive Chef 2012-Present

–       Alongi Restaurant Consultants – Owner/Consultant 2006-Present

–       Fore River Grille – Executive Chef 2011-2012

–       Gina’s Fine Foods Corporation – Owner / Executive Chef 1994-2007


–       Supidity pisses off Ray Alongi “to no end!”  He has little patience for anyone right out of culinary school “who pay $100 grand for a cocky attitude and basic skills—they should get their money back, because they didn’t learn jack shit.”

–       Ray is cocky, and blames his short fuse and fiery temper on his Sicilian blood.  If you complain about anything in his restaurant, he’ll tell you simply: “Get the f*** outta my face.  Get outta here!”

–       Ray is in love with food and cooking and is confident in his abilities. He will be atough competitor with guidance from above.

–       Ray has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and has cooking in his blood.  He once tried to leave the culinary field and became a police officer for several years.  Needless to say, he returned to the kitchen where he “works circles around everyone.  I’m a frickin machine.”