Rich Cowell


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–       Five Guys – Manager 2011-2012

–       Backyards Bistro – Head Line Cook 2009-2010

–       China 19 – Assistant Manager 2006-2007

–       Institute of Culinary Education –  Graduated 2009


–       Rich is the epitome of a lone wolf.  When he was 18, his mother died and he had no one to financially or emotionally support him.

–       He decided to go to culinary school, and while he graduted at the top of his class, he had to sleep in the school’s library because he was homeless.

–       Because Rich has been through so much in his life, he doesn’t trust anyone and feels that most interactions with people are a waste of his time.

–       He has worked in kitchens since he was 14, but Rich realized he wanted to become a chef was after watching Gordon Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Auditioning for Hell’s Kitchen and graduating from culinary school are Rich’s greatest accomplishments.

–       Everything Rich does is a competition, whether it’s playing guitar or busting his ass on the line, he is in it to win it.

–       Rich believes that if it weren’t for Chef Ramsay, he wouldn’t be where he is today!