Richard Mancini


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–       Bensenville Golf & Banquet Center – Executive Chef, 2012-Present

–       Lisle Golf Course – Executive Chef, 2010-2012

–       Turnbury Country Club -Executive Chef, 2008-2010

–       Gibson’s Steakhouse – Executive Sous Chef, 2005-2008

–       Backstage Productions – Tour Chef, 2003-2004

–       Café Clemenza – Chef/Owner, 1989-2002

–       Washburn Culinary – Student, 1984-1986


–       Has worked as a tour Chef for the Rolling Stones, U2, and INXS but hated it because their egos were so big.

–       Created and owned 2 restaurants for 12 years before deciding to sell them.

–       Believes he limited his own success by staying in Chicago for so long, as a single dad he dedicated himself to raising his son and not moving to a bigger culinary city.

–       Grew up in an apartment building that all the units were occupied by his extended family.

–       At age 8 he fell in love with cooking when he became a fan of cooking shows.

–       Believes that most Chef’s move their way up too quickly and lack the fundamental skills achieved by working years before being moved up.

–       Feels that respect is the ultimate commodity in the kitchen.

–       Currently runs a 30 man team at one of Illinois top country clubs.