Ricky Brewer


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–       Cornell Butcher Shop – Executive Chef 2007-2010

–       Lela’s Fine Dining – Executive Chef 2004-2007

–       Levy’s Restaurant – Cook 2002-2004

–       Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2002


–       Appeared on the Lela’s Fine Dining episode of Kitchen Nightmares in 2007.

–       Has first-hand experience of what happens if you don’t listen to Chef Ramsay

–       While most chefs can’t imagine sending a plate out without first testing their creation, Ricky admits that his biggest downfall is consistently sending out food without taste-testing it

–       Is arrogant, outspoken, and opinionated

–       “I have earned the right to be, and I’ll defend that statement to the DEATH.”

–       He may think he’s right all the time, but Ricky is clearly lacking in kitchen skills

–       When asked to identify basic ingredients, he got most of them wrong

–       Has no heroes or role models

–       Ricky is looking to blaze his own trail to success – he is a leader, not a follower

–       Is his own competition and has high expectations of himself