Robert Gettling


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–       Dock House – Owner / Chef 1992-Present

–       Sorino’s Pizza – Pizza Cook 2012

–       American Hotel – Saute / Prep Cook 2008


–       Robert is a self-taught chef who is the Owner/Chef of the  Dock House, a seafood shack in South Hampton. He has worked there since he was 14yrs old and worked his way up. At the young age of 22, the original owner offered him ownership in the business and he jumped on the opportunity and never looked back.

–       He was voted teacher’s pet in high school and he will kiss ass in order to win.  He is known to talk inches from people’s faces and invade their personal space, which is annoying.

–       He  knows he can handle volume because he does 700 to 1000 plate a day and also does a tremendous take out menu.

–       Robert recently returned from a 6 month stint in Hawaii learning how to make pizza.

–       Robert may have a slight anger management problem and people do think he’s a prick sometimes, but he does not care.

–       He  will ‘step on any motherfuckers to win the competition!’.

–       Robert thinks the title of Exec Chef is bullshit because those chefs don’t get their hands dirty. He doesn’t have the time to babysit his staff and if they can’t handle him they need to go home.