Ronnie Carter


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–      La Vita Mia, Sous Chef, 2005-present

–      Tumble Inn Restaurant, Short Order Cook, 2002-2005

–      Feerar’s Restaurant, Line Cook, 2002-2005

–      Antioneta’s, Short Order Cook, 2001-2002


–      Ronnie is a rough-and-tumble Bostoner through and through.  If you mess with his family (especially his sisters) or his friends, you’ve got it coming to you.  “A little fight now and then never hurt anyone.”

–      Ronnie is also extremely loyal, and has been working in the same restaurant as a Sous Chef for the past 7 years despite being verbally abused by his 5’ tall boss.

–      He would love to take on fancy culinary students in Hell’s Kitchen: “Culinary school may teach you beautiful presentation, but can you cook on the line? Can you time a million tickets? That’s something you learn through the school of hard knocks.”

–      If you ask Ronnie what the school of hardknocks is, he’ll tell you, “It means we learn better by struggling.  We don’t like being told how to do something.  We learn by making mistakes.”  Ronnie has had his fair share of struggles, including the death of his mother from cancer.

–      Following the death of his mother, Ronnie has stepped up to become the patriarch of his family by taking care of his sisters.  Winning Hell’s Kitchen would help him take care of his family long term.