Ronnie Teran


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–       Carrabba’s Italian Grill – Senior Kitchen Manager, 2001- Present

–       Macaroni Grill – Sous Chef/Server/Trainer/Bartender2000-2001


–       Getting Married in June, 2012

–       Can’t stand being around negative people

–       Can dance the Robot

–       Complete control freak in the kitchen, he instantly assumes the role of team leader whether those around him like it or not

–       Only takes constructive criticism from people who he thinks are smarter than him

–       Grandfather helped raise him on a farm and was a huge inspiration to his cooking career

–       Cooks from the heart and believes it makes every dish better

–       Wants to win for his Grandpa

–       Tries to always be the nice guy in a competition but wont allow it to get in the way of winning

–       Life is one big sports analogy, each day is either a win or a loss in his book

–        Lost three best friends in a car accident when he was younger