Ryan Nagby


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–       California School of Cooking 2001-2002

–       Max’s Deli – Owner/Chef 2010 – Present

–       Cutting Edge Catering – Owner 2010 – Present

–       Carmona Foods LLC – Manager  2008 -2010

–       Ciou Bella – Head Chef 2006 -2008


–       Loves his dog Max, named his deli after him

–        Type A personality, needs to be in charge of a situation at all times

–       Dad backed him 110 percent, and continues to be a great influence

–       Has his own garden and uses all fresh ingredients for his deli and catering

–       Has a newborn baby girl

–       Loves Taylor Swift music so much he named his daughter after her

–       Can’t stand racists and lazy people

–       Will do anything to win

–       High energy team player

–       Strong family values that he shows through relationships with customers at his deli

–       He is a firm believer that if you know your customers then you will know how to make your food better for them

–       Over-achiever