Sandra Flores


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–       141 Chrystie- Sous Chef 2011- Present

–       Pranna Restaurant- Wok/Sauté Station 2010-2011

–       Gino’s Trattoria 38 – Pastry Chef/Assistant Chef 2010-2011

–       French Culinary Institute- Graduated 2008


–       Cookie wants to be the Colombian Martha Stewart. She watched Julia Child on television when she was young and was hooked.

–       She was in the truck driving business before entering the culinary world.

–       Cookie is a fighter! She was homeless at one point with her ex-husband and was sleeping in staircases. As a single mom , she has raised both of her kids on her own.

–       Watching cooking shows helped comfort her when she was home alone with her kids.

–       Opened her own café on the Upper East Side but had to close because of the economy.

–       Her bitchy side comes out during competition, loud mouth, and has even been in a fist fight. She is competitive and will do anything to come out on top even sabotage.

–       Has mastered the wok and sauté stations.

–       This Latina will bring it just like one of the guys! She says if you fuck up on her line, you’re fucking with her kid’s food because she won’t get paid.