Scott Commings


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–       Loyola University – Executive Chef, 2010-Current

–       Woodstock Country Club – GM/Executive Chef, 2007-2010

–       Geneva Inn – Executive Chef, 2004-2007

–       Stronbow Inn – Dining Room Manager, 2002-2004

–       Stronbow Inn – Executive Banquet Chef, 1999-2001

–       Chippena Valley Tech – Culinary Student, 1998-2000


–       Built his own wood-fired oven from scratch.

–       He is a hands-on leader and tends to be very controlling, it wasn’t until his children were born that he realized he couldn’t control every situation.

–       Currently the head of the Agricultural department of Loyola College where he teaches student how to farm and garden.

–       Sees Hell’s Kitchen the way to make all his hard work finally pay off.

–       Very cocky but believes he has the skills to back up everything he says.

–       Grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin where he tended to all the daily functions of a farm.

–       Cannot stand and does not tolerate laziness.

–       Know-it-all.

–       Feels there are two different types of common sense: regular and restaurant.

–       Owns his own handmade artisan bread delivery company.