Sean Chiverton


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–       Flemings- Lead Line Cook 2010-2011

–       Mille Fleurs- Sous Chef 2007-2010

–       United States Marine Corps- Corporal 1999-2003

–       Le Cordon Bleu- Graduated 2008


–       Grew up with a single mom and would cook for himself and his brother while his mom worked 3 jobs.

–       Out of high school he enrolled in the Marines and sought out cooking jobs in the service.

–       Only got to cook in the military for a few years because he was deployed to Iraq.

–       Life changing experience was being on the border of Iraq and Kuwait in a gun battle between the US and Saddam Hussein’s army.

–       Loved the adrenaline from the military so enrolled in firefighter’s school when returning home.

–       Blew out his knee and had 2 surgeries so had to choose a less physical career.

–       Always loved cooking so enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu.

–       Advanced to Sous Chef only 2 years after his first fine dining kitchen job.

–       Has multiple tattoos and an 8 year old son.

–       Wants to be yelled at by Ramsay and thinks Hell’s Kitchen is the ultimate adrenaline rush in the kitchen.