Sean Duffee


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–       Phillips Seafood Restaurant – Executive Sous Chef 2006 – Present

–       Phillips Annapolis – Kitchen Manager 2006

–       Phillips Seafood House – Kitchen Manager 2001 – 2006


–       This 5’6” underdog believes he will knock down the competition

–       Is a dedicated father of four and a husband

–       With all his hardships, he is very close with his family and will do anything for his kids including driving 9 hours for the audition just so he didn’t miss his daughter’s dance recital

–       Oversees a huge fine dining operation and controls every aspect of the kitchen from food cost, menu development, food specials and staffing

–       Has always been underestimated by his peers and enjoys proving others wrong

–       Knows he can handle volume because he used to do 1000 covers during banquets and worked in a restaurant that did $12 million a year

–       Will kick a chef off the line and take his place if someone isn’t producing

–       Once cut his finger digging in a pit drain, wrapped it in towel and kept working