Sebastian Royo


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–      Lexington Brew – Sous Chef 2011-Present

–      Ilili – Jr. Sous Chef 2010-2011

–      Hooters – Fryer 2009

–      Per Se – Comis 2010-2011

–      Institute of Culinary Education – Graduated 2010


–      Sebastian is a talkative, handsome hot head who was born and raised in Mexico. Without his career, he might be dead like a lot of his close friends who were killed in the dangerous area he grew up.

–      Sebastian originally went to college for a Marketing degree in Texas and moved to NY thinking he was getting a 9-5 job. He got a job in a Mexican restaurant upon arrival and he never looked back. He moved his way up finally working for the number one restaurant in the country – Per Se.

–      He has busted his ass doing 600 covers and150 covers on his own. He is defensive in the kitchen, doesn’t like being told what to do and is known for throwing tantrums.

–      The other chefs might see Sebastian and think “this pretty boy cant cook!” but his strategy is to stay under the radar, scope out the competition, let them think he’s weak and then drop his talent on them like a bomb!